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Mock Interview with Feedback

Reading books, keeping up to date with the news, and rehearsing answers to common interview questions in front of your cat may be a helpful start to your preparation for Medical School interviews – but a mock interview is the best way to simulate the interview environment and assess your strong points and where you can improve your interview technique.

You can book an online mock interview with me (Dr Steph Ekins) in either a traditional or MMI style. You will have the opportunity to practice answering common interview questions as well as challenge yourself with thinking on the spot for unique questions. The mock interview will last approximately 30 minutes, and I aim to send you written feedback within 24 hours.

I would recommend waiting to book your mock interview until you know that you have definitely been invited to interview at one of the Medical Schools you applied to – this way I can tailor the mock interview style to be similar to the Medical School that you are interviewing at. It also means that the mock is relatively close to your real interview, so it is good preparation and the points for improvement will be fresh in your mind. Once you receive your invitation letter, try to book your mock interview promptly to give you the best choice of available dates and times.

Read what some of last year’s students said about the mock interview service:

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