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Medical School Interview Success

Have you applied to medical school this year and are facing interviews?

You’ve already gone over lots of hurdles, like work experience, school exams, UKCAT/BMAT/GAMSAT admission tests and writing your personal statement. The last piece of the puzzle is giving a brilliant performance at your interview. But preparing for the interview can be overwhelming, stressful and confusing. Despite this, you know that a strong interview performance is the only way to achieve your goal of getting an offer (which will probably be the happiest moment of your life) and make your dream of being a doctor become a reality.

You need to cut through the confusion, tackle the overwhelm and get your interview preparation on track. I’d like to help you meet your goal of getting offered a place at medical school – but with less time, effort and stress! That’s why I’ve created this online course for applicants who want all of the information, resources, guidance, tips, advice and support you need for a successful interview at medical school.

Once you have been invited to interview, the only thing between you and an offer is the interview. Inside this course, I show you a step-by-step process to ensure that you are fully prepared for your interview and are able to confidently tackle any question that is thrown at you on the day. With this information, advice and support, you will:

  • Discover exactly what the interviewers are looking for
  • Not waste time on the wrong things in your interview prep
  • Uncover strategies that enable you to answer any question logically
  • Have confidence going into your interviews, knowing you’ve prepared well

And most importantly…

  • Boost your chances of getting into medical school this year and start your path to becoming a doctor.

So, are you ready to learn more and dive in?

Medical School Interview Success is an online course which is complete with videos, downloads and checklists to keep you on track and guide you through every single step of the interview preparation process. All of the information, advice, tips, strategies and support you need to get into medical school in one place – saving you a huge amount of time and stress and significantly increasing your chances of receiving an offer. If you implement the advice given in the course and add some motivation and hard work, you’ll be celebrating getting your acceptance letter in the next few months! 

Medical School Interview Success is the first online course of its kind that:

  • Provides you with an easy-to-follow strategy for interview preparation
  • Guides you through all of the topics that you need to cover to be well-prepared for your interview
  • Gives you the confidence to deliver your best performance on interview day and really impress the interviewers (for both panel interviews and MMIs)
  • Enables you to track your progress throughout, keeping you motivated and ensuring that you complete each step without being overwhelmed with 100 things to do at once.


  • The first 3 people to sign up for the course will be eligible to receive a 30-minute online mock interview with feedback for free – just our way of saying thank you for signing up early!

This course is brand new this year and the course content will be created and uploaded as we move forward through the next few weeks. This means that if you have a question or would like me to include a particular topic in one of the videos, I can ensure that I do this to give you maximum support. There are no other medical school interview online courses which are created as you are working through the course material, and therefore this is the most flexible course where you can have a say about what you would like to be included. This feedback loop means that you will have everything that you need in the course, without any extra unnecessary time-wasting fluff.

Please be aware that this live creation process means that you will not have access to the full course straight away. I am aiming to have all of the videos and other content released as soon as possible but I cannot guarantee the exact timing. Be aware of this if you have an interview early in the interview season.

I am 100% confident in the strategies that I teach so I will give you access to the course again next year for free if you do not receive an offer from any of your medical school interviews after completing the course! How does this work?

  • Watch all of the videos and complete all of the question prompts inside the online course before your interview
  • Attend your interview and implement everything you’ve learnt from the course
  • If you receive an offer from one (or more) of the medical schools that you applied to, well done!
  • If you do not receive any offers after your interviews, let us know and we will add you to the course next year for free. See the course FAQs page for more information about this.

This is your step-by-step system to interview success… even if you’ve got no idea where to start your preparation or are worried about messing up on the day. Sign up now to get immediate access to the online course as it is created, have your say about what you want to learn from the videos, and begin your journey to getting an offer from medical school. 

I’m excited to see you on the inside!

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