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Personal Statement

15 Steps To Writing And Editing Your Personal Statement For Medicine

Not sure how to start your personal statement? Read our overview of the process from start to finish

How To Structure Your Personal Statement For Medical School

An overview of what a personal statement is and what you should include within it to get a place at medical school

How to Cut the Character Count on your Personal Statement

Are you over the 4000 character limit for a UCAS personal statement? Here are some tips on how to cut down your medical school personal statement to size.

Last-Minute UCAS Application Checklist

Use our checklist to make sure that you've done everything you need to before you press 'Submit' on UCAS.

Things To Do After Submitting Your UCAS Application

You've sent off your UCAS application - well done! What next? This article takes you through the things that you should be doing while you wait to hear news from the medical schools you've applied to.